Tony Lewis Finalist on the BBC’s smash hit tribute show “The One & Only” hosted by Graham Norton. Tony Lewis, 27, is from Lancashire and started performing as a professional Robbie Williams tribute act five and a half years ago. He has performed on cruise ships, in pubs, clubs and at many parties. Tony decided to start out as a Robbie tribute after so many people commented on how similar he was in looks and mannerisms to the star. Tony has fallen in love with entertaining and loves the thrill of performing to a live crowd. Tony is a natural performer who captures Robbie on-stage. Tony is a huge fan of his Musical Superstar and has been following Robbie’s concert tours since 1996. He has been a successful Robbie Tribute Act for more than five years and has performed all over Europe in the process. At a festival in Holland a few years ago, Tony sang to an audience of 15,000 people. He puts a lot of effort into getting his look right. Tony just loves performing as Robbie and has a lot of favourite songs. ‘I really like Come Undone and I’m a really big fan of Let Me Entertain You,’ he reveals.


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